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Life Happened…

Anyone else had life happen?

This question may confuse you so I will do my best to explain.

I have had a running dialogue in my head for months now on a variety of topics however every time I’ve sat down to begin to type my mind starts to race and my thoughts become a tangled mess of jumbled words and incomplete thoughts going nowhere, or I finally get those jumbled words to form a sentence and my phone alerts me to a text or rings for an incoming call, or more often than not the more common distraction I incur on a daily basis comes from my two youngest children now teenagers and soon to be legal adults will demand my attention which inevitably will become a power struggle between the two over who needs my attention the most.

Not long ago I used writing as a way to sort through my thoughts and settle the never-ending marathon race my brain seems to exhaust itself on, I stopped writing, I stopped typing, I’ve spent the last three years trying to calm what I call the crazy in my head and process feelings.

When I knew the only way to calm the crazy was going to be getting back to writing I had to make the choice to do this privately or publicly, as you see I choose to get on the track to try to come back to the blog and share more of my life in hopes that I will connect with others who can relate to both the crazy chaos in my life to the rather boring, and mundane ramblings of being a stay at home Mom who thought homeschooling teens was a fantastic idea but for months now the topics, the words, the sentences became jumbled chaos that left me frustrated.

After battling this mess I decided just to set down and type and hope that the words would come through the confusion and anyone who read this could relate and would not assume I was day drinking and blogging, No worries though I would not judge you if you are day drinking and blogging, this blog from my side of the computer screen is completely judgement free. I don’t however expect not to be judged by anyone who happens across my mess so feel free to offer your input and let me hear from you.

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