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Attitude and Gratitude

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One thing I hear from some folks, is that all these New Age junkies and gurus are forcing people to be grateful about shit, and it is phony as hell.

These are usually people who have seen hell first hand.  Who feel it everyday–through racism, through ablism, economic oppression, and chauvinism.  The folks I hear saying such things have a right to their anger and hurt and wounds.  They come by them quite honestly.  They experience hatred and ostracism every day, then they face the betrayal echoed inside themselves of “not being good enough.”

They also have a point.

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People who haven’t walked in this particular hell, have no business telling someone who lives at that address how to ‘clean up their lives,’ or what they need to do to be happy.  The last thing anyone needs to be told is how what they…

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